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Action RPG Adventure 1Bit TopDown is a simple but effective 1-bit 16x16 top-down asset pack for your 2D game  projects

The pack includes a wide variety of environments, items, hero, various enemies, and many decorations to create unique worlds in 1-bit pixel art style.

Included with ARPG Adventure 1Bit a documented sprite sheets. The documented sprite sheets list recommended uses of tiles and sprites.

I will expand and adjust the assets over time, so keep an eye on the current version you own.

A very versatile 16x16 tileset: Inspired by the classics, very versatile, allowing the realization of:

  • Cliff / Grass /  Sand / Water (with animation) / Wooden Path / Rock Path / Flowers / Rocks / Trees House (Wall, Door, Windows, Chimney, Roof, Fence, Gate, Balcony) / Bridge Dungeon (Walls, Door)

Collectables and items sprites:

  • Sword / Magic Rod /Heart / Extra Heart / Key / Chest / Coin / Big Coin / Medal 

Enemies sprites:

  • Skeleton / Slim / Big Slim / Ghost

Effects sprites:

  • Hit effect / Fire projectile / Explosion / Grass leafs cut


  • Sign / Text bubble / Panel

Player sprites:

  • Generic character
  • Fully animated in all 4 directions: Idle / Run / Attack / Death / Get Item


  • Coin  Counter /  Key Counter /  Hearts (full, empty)/ Panel / Font text

Indoor Sprite:


  • Pots / Carpets / Tiles / Bed (Horizental, Vertical) / Lanterns 

These assets can be used for personal and commercial use.  Credit is not necessary but it is highly appreciated.

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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags16x16, 1-bit, 2D, Action RPG, Pixel Art, Retro, Tileset, Top-Down


Get this asset pack and 1 more for $10.00 USD
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On Sale!
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$10.00 $5.00 USD or more

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Great little pack for simple projects! I do wish the sheets were more structured with only the art assets uniformly distributed. It would make the tile-sheets much easier to import in most game engines. If you can split them up on a grid that’s the way to go.

Hey Turner, happy that you like it! Will definitely do that so that it's easier to import. Thanks a lot for the feedback!


No problem, thanks for the cool asset, it made it a lot easier to do a simple project for school without having to take the time to make the sprites myself.


neeed this 4 the playdatee

Nicee ! I need to try it too  to see how it'll look 


Looks a lot like Minit.


Yep, i took inspiration from it and from gato roboto


so cute! good work, seems beautiful.

Thanks :)